Well-Deserved Recognition for Sharin M.

We’re happy to announce that Sharin M. won the Top Leader Award at the recent Dallas conference. It’s always nice when our top Monarch Executives performers receive recognition for their commitment and hard work. When they get singled out at major industry events, it’s an even more inspiring occasion for our team.

Blanca, our firm’s President, explained that Sharin has worked hard to excel in her position. She sets a great example through her positive attitude and willingness to learn new things every day. Blanca encourages everyone on Team Monarch Executives to be leaders and dominate their goals in our industry. Seeing Sharin be recognized in front of accomplished people from all over the country is something we won’t soon forget.

We employ a few simple but effective strategies to stay on the right track to achieve our highest targets. One of these methods is to write down what we want to accomplish in clear terms. There’s something about putting our goals in writing that solidifies them in our minds and makes it easier to establish action plans to start making progress.

Measuring our achievements, including small milestones, also helps us close in on our key objectives. Not only does this allow us to see exactly where we are in the larger process, it also gives us an extra bit of accountability as we work toward our aspirations.

We’re proud of Sharin for her award and the dedication she shows day in and day out. Follow her and all our top performers by liking Monarch Executives on Facebook.