Ringing Out 2017 Together as a Team

The holidays are a time to spend with the special people in our lives. Recently, the conversation in our Monarch Executives office turned to how we were spending New Year’s Eve. After a great 2017 in which we delivered extraordinary results for brands we promote, we decided that the best way in which to ring out the old and gear up for the new year was to do it together.

“We celebrated New Year’s Eve with a lovely, relaxing dinner at a beachfront restaurant,” said Blanca, Monarch Executives’ President. “As a team, we have a tremendous camaraderie. Everyone is supportive of each other and our individual goals. We decided it would be fitting to welcome 2018 with the people who assist in getting us where we want to go in life.”

Blanca continued to discuss how this holiday gathering was among the many opportunities we embrace throughout the year at Monarch Executives. “We frequently gather outside of the office for activities and social functions that allow us to enjoy each other’s company,” she said. “Further, there are times in which we travel together to retreats or conferences which allow us to experience new adventures together. These special moments are what help us form stronger bonds that lead to better collaboration all year.”

We often find ways to celebrate special events or simply enjoy each other. Check out our Newswire to see what we’re doing next.