“And in the end it’s not the years in your life that count; 
it’s the life in your years.” -Abraham Lincoln


Leadership is challenging and requires continual growth and development. So often we set goals at the start of the year for things like weight loss, increase in income, new careers, new investments or things to buy. While all of these are good, sometimes we forget to take inventory of how we are doing in other areas, such as how we are progressing as leaders in our homes and businesses.

The questions below are intended to help you see how your mindset and habits are affecting your advancement in particular areas. Think about your honest answers to these questions and how certain ones could be changed or improved to craft greater leadership potential.

Am I challenging myself?
Am I developing a positive role?
Do I train every day?
Do I bring the atmosphere with me every day?
Am I creating a success story every day?
Is my door always open?
Do I lose my temper towards others?
Do I treat others right?
Do I develop habits every day?
Do I learn every day?

Leadership is not optional in life. We are all required to be leaders in some capacity. This could be in our families with our kids, it could be with our parents in their old age, and it could be in the particular area of work we have chosen. Wherever its is for you, there are decisions to be made on behalf of others, there is direction to be set in place, there is encouragement for others, etc. The way we handle each situation reflects our skills as leaders. The more we develop ourselves, the better success we can help provide for those we are responsible for.

At Monarch Executives, we are passionate about growth. We believe that the overall success and health of the team is determined by each individual member. The more each one of us is growing and challenging ourselves and others, the greater our potential as a team.

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