Investing Into Our Culture With Team Nights

From time to time, we organize team nights for all our Monarch Executives associates. These get-togethers are some of the ways that we support our company’s culture. Having a close-knit group that excels at collaboration empowers us to achieve even our most ambitious goals.

Blanca, our company President, says, “We enjoy team nights. They help bring our team together to build a fun work environment. We all like to hang out and relax together after a day of work. We recently went out to dinner as a team to welcome a new hire who joined the firm that day. It’s important that our people feel welcome and excited when they become a part of our company.”

That idea is present throughout the Monarch Executives culture. We want our people to enjoy what they do and the people with whom they work. So, finding ways to socialize outside the work setting is a worthwhile investment for us. It deepens the relationships between our associates and empowers us to work together more cohesively.

Company cultures are as much about behaviors and routines as they are about values and missions. Hosting team nights is one technique we employ to turn our stated emphasis on teamwork into meaningful action.

We are looking forward to getting closer while enjoying future team gatherings together. Discover more about the Monarch Executives company culture by checking out our Newswire.