We hear a lot about goals these days. In all of the hype, it’s easy to gloss over what goals really are and how important they are for staying on track. So, what are goals? Simply put, a goal is like a target that gives us a specific and measurable place to aim. Without one of these, we can be shooting in all different directions hoping to hit something. Goals also are a source of accountability. They remind us of what we say we want to do, and they give us a deadline that encourages us to steadily head that direction.

Goals are great. However, unless we are actively aiming for and shooting at our targets, we will never reach them. It is easy to say, “one day I will get there.” But without the daily practice of aiming for the targets, it would simply be a very, very lucky shot. Goals require persistent discipline. They require the daily effort and training needed to accomplish something specific.

Along with discipline, goals require a measure of intensity and drive. This can be fueled by different reasons, such as the desire to retire early or to retire family members, or it could be to accomplish something personal or leave a legacy for others. There is always a motivation behind even the smallest goals. But without intensity there can easily be room for lethargy and complacency to take over. It is easy to say, “I’ve done enough.” Or, “I’ll finish later.”

Intensity doesn’t allow a goal to go unmet. It continues to push and persevere until the goal has been met. It is a steady pressing of the gas pedal until the destination has been reached. Intensity doesn’t lower its standards just because obstacles came up in the way. Intensity identifies the obstacle and finds another way around it. Intensity also remembers why the goal was set in the first place. The reason and drive behind the goal doesn’t allow for mediocrity or complacency.

Whatever your goal is, see how a little intensity can help you reach it. Keeping yourself accountable and setting deadlines can help make sure things get done. Keeping the goals simple and clear will also make them seem less daunting.

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