Get Prepped (But Not Over-Rehearsed) for Interviews

In our Monarch Executives interview process, we’ve noted that some candidates tend to be more comfortable than others. Often, their comfort reflects their level of preparation prior to our meeting. We do presentation regularly, and in the process we note that many of these prepped candidates have a knack for preparing, while not seeming overly rehearsed. Here are some practices anyone can try to be more confident during a job interview:

• Practice Different Introductions: As we stress when creating our Monarch Executives campaigns, it’s important to know our audiences. We tailor our messages to them. This advice works for job candidates as well. Candidates should practice several different introductions. They want to highlight information about themselves that matters most to each interviewer.

• Find a Way to Warm Up: The most effective applicants come into the interview feeling confident. They usually do something just prior to engage their brains and be focused. Some ideas might include reading inspiring quotes, listening to music, or meditating.

• Rehearse for Different Types of Interviews: Our Monarch Executives presentations are on-site. This is the same for many job interviews. However, in today’s business world, it’s not uncommon to have phone or Skype interviews. This is especially true for remote jobs. Candidates should prep for any mode of interview.

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