Finishing the Year Well

The holidays can be a stressful time with busy travel schedules, tying up loose ends at work, visiting relatives, extra spending and overeating. It can be hard to set aside a little time for ourselves to rest and plan for the new year.

We get in a hurry, trying to finish all the details, make everybody happy, and prove that we can do everything and be perfect. We think if we don’t maintain this busy schedule then we will let someone down, or let ourselves down. But the more we run around, the more stressed we often get. The more we realize that we are not perfect and are overwhelmed with the stress.

Burnout and exhaustion will at some point make us slow down, whether we want to and are ready or not. Building some down time into the seasonal plans can help ensure we get the rest we need and allow ourselves to be strong and engaged when we need to be. Taking care of the basics will reduce stress and keep us from feeling behind or overwhelmed.

Finishing the year well means celebrating the season for what it is while making space to plan for what’s ahead. How do you plan for the new year? We’d love to hear from you.

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