Want to Excel in Your Career? Develop These Skills

Part of our mission at Monarch Executives is to build a team filled with motivated individuals who work well together to achieve common goals. We seek three soft skills when hiring individuals for our company. These traits have been strong indicators of the types of mind-set and work ethic we seek in our team members:

• Be Present: People who thrive in the business world understand the need to focus. This practice requires discipline and full attention. In our Monarch Executives office, we emphasize being present, whether it’s working on a project, listening to others, or simply completing tasks. When we concentrate on what we are doing and with whom we are speaking, we capture more details and are more efficient in our efforts.

• Accountability: Another hallmark of motivated individuals is that they take responsibility for delivering results. This can mean setting and completing goals, following through to ensure that quality is delivered, and communicating throughout the process. People who show they are accountable are trusted with greater roles over time.

• Welcome Feedback: Individuals who have the most promise in their careers are those who are always willing to learn and grow. This means welcoming and accepting feedback from others. Our Monarch Executives’ coaching program is designed to help our people gain insights into their performances and learn in a safe environment. As such, they become accustomed to and seek input to improve at their roles.

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