Easy Ways to Give Back No Matter Your Budget

In our Monarch Executives office, we support philanthropic activities. We’ve learned that we can be generous in our own ways to support our community, such as donating toys at Christmas to a local children’s hospital. Firms of any size can engage in giving back. Here’s how to do it:

• Make It Meaningful: During our Monarch Executives meetings, we discuss what causes or organizations matter to our team. We seek opportunities to give back that allow us to witness the impact we’ve created. For instance, we delivered toys to the hospital and visited with patients so we could see them enjoy what we brought.

• Align With a Cause Related to the Business: For some companies, the best way to give back is to find a cause that supports your mission. For example, a firm that sells dental supplies might partner with a charity that performs dental work at no charge for those in need. A pet supply store might give a portion of proceeds to local pet shelters.

• In-Kind Donations Are Appreciated: As we’ve noted in our Monarch Executives experiences, not every giveback opportunity has to be monetary. We can share our talents. We can donate goods from our businesses, such as a bakery might give muffins to feed people at a homeless shelter.

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