“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” – Colin Powell

One of the most valuable skills we can learn for life and business is determination. We often prioritize goal setting, planning, and strategic partnerships. But without determination, none of those will matter.

Determination is the choice to keep going when things get hard and when our emotions tell us it is time to jump ship. Most of us have had those days with our jobs, our families, our dreams, our friends, our personal goals, even our businesses. We have all said at one time or another, “This is too hard.” In that stressful, heated moment, all of our hopes, plans and strategies go out the window as we walk away.

Dreams do not come easily. Anything worth doing is going to take effort. Sometimes a lot of it.

Making the choice to stay determined and to not allow setbacks to stop us from pursuing our goals is one of the biggest factors in success. Many people can plan well. Many can run well. But few will persevere and keep a good attitude on the days when it hurts and when everything looks dark. It hurts to keep going sometimes. It can mean having to sacrifice something of ourselves for someone else or for a goal. It means you love someone enough to keep going and work through the pain, or you love a specific goal or purpose enough to face rejection as you pursue it.

What is determination? It is a choice to continue moving forward despite the obstacles and intense resistance along that path.

Why do we need it? Simply put, so we do not give up when our emotions are overwhelmed, or when the situation says this is really, really hard.

If we stay determined and find solutions to setbacks and detours for obstacles, it will:

  • Promote long-term success rather than short-term happiness and comfort
  • Show others that we are trustworthy leaders who can properly handle and lead through adversity
  • Keep us from making bad emotional decisions based on our circumstances and how we feel at the moment
  • Prevent us from jumping ship and being reliable only when things are going well
  • Inspire confidence and unity in an organization when leaders recognize obstacles and remain committed

What are the things you are ready to give up on? What are some ways you can help change your mindset towards the setbacks? Is the goal or relationship worth fighting for? What are practical steps you can take towards that goal despite the obstacles?

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