Congrats to Giselle on Her Promotion

From the moment someone joins Team Monarch Executives, he or she embarks on a career path that will ensure they reach their fullest potential with us. Recently, Giselle took the next step with our firm and was promoted into account management.

“It’s rewarding to see someone like Giselle advance because we know she truly wants to succeed in this industry,” said Blanca, Monarch Executives’ President. “She is very assertive and a go-getter who has the best attitude in the office.”

As a leading provider of sales and marketing strategies that give brands greater visibility, we count on our team to be innovative and think like entrepreneurs. For Giselle, this wasn’t too much of a stretch as she had started two businesses prior to working at Monarch Executives. “She really brings a lot of knowledge to our team,” remarked Blanca. “She is not afraid to invest her time in any projects. She’s happy to dive in and create impact.”

“The factor that makes Giselle successful is her desire to learn and grow with us,” Blanca explained. “She absorbs the knowledge she gains and applies it to whatever campaign she’s working on, all while sharing this knowhow with others on her team who benefit from both her enthusiasm and past experience.”

Giselle is just one of the associates we will promote this year. Check out our Newswire for upcoming announcements.