Learn Better With These Three A’s

Our Monarch Executives culture is rich in professional development. We strive to improve our learning abilities so that we can absorb more knowledge and become more proficient at what we do. There are three A’s that we apply that help us become better learners:

• Awareness: As we discuss in our Monarch Executives coaching program, everyone learns differently. Some people are more visual while others are auditory learners. Other individuals need to be hands-on to retain knowledge. The key is for each person to be aware of what habits or practices they employ when attaining new skills and understand which are most effective for them.

• Access: Once we understand how we learn best, we need to channel our resources to gain knowledge. For example, someone who surfs the internet for entertainment when he or she is bored could deliberately leverage this tool to search for videos or other content that is useful for acquiring skills and engaging thought processes.

• Accountability: Successful learning requires a conscious effort on our part. In our Monarch Executives training program, we set growth goals with our people. They track their progress and hold themselves accountable for reaching their set milestones, which are often tied to rewards like advancement. This practice motivates them to reach new levels.

When we use the right approach, learning is easier. Follow us on Twitter for more ways to learn on the job.