12 Things to Give Up to Be Successful

We all want to be successful in some way. Whether that is in parenting, relationships, career development, pursuit of art or personal projects, or even fitness. However, sometimes our personal habits can actually interfere with the success we want. Unhealthy eating or entertainment habits can conflict with fitness goals. Excess time at work or other ventures can conflict with parenting or family goals. How we prepare for and approach our work every day can also interfere with our long-term career goals.

Until our personal habits line up with the goals we say we want, it’s going to be an impossible uphill battle to reach our desired destinations. Success often doesn’t come until we are willing to give up some of the things hindering our progress in certain areas.

Here are 12 things to give up to ensure that your personal habits align with your goals.

1. An unhealthy lifestyle is a huge dream-killer for many people. Poor choices in food, lack of exercise, and poor handling of personal time can zap the energy and drive out of anyone. Simple changes in diet, exercise regimens, and structured days can breathe life back into your body and give you the energy needed to pursue your dreams.

2. A short-term mindset is one in which someone is more focused on what they’re having for dinner tonight, who they’re going out with on Saturday, or how they can make money to pay rent this month. It’s a focus on what they want or need right now. A long-term mindset must be developed in order to be truly successful. It will enable someone to make hard choices now in order to get to the place they want to be later.

3. Playing small is another habit that hinders success. We often think that we will never amount to much in life. Therefore, we set small goals that we think we could reasonably attain. Great success requires strategic thinking and planning and that pushes past some of the boundaries of comfort and ease.

4. Excuses…we all have them. We even use them from time to time as a reason for not trying, for failing, and for not trying again. If we accept our own excuses, we will never give ourselves the chance to try again or to find a solution. We have to let go of excuses to get to the next level of where we want to be.

5. A fixed mindset means that we never go beyond the beliefs and perspective we currently have. If we are never learning, then we are never growing. If we never accept correction then we will never understand why we failed or how we can do things better. A student mindset is essential.

6. Perfectionism is the rut in which many dreams die. We think we’re not good enough yet, the product isn’t good enough, the ad campaign isn’t good enough. We even think our spouses or our family isn’t good enough. We can keep striving for more of something, more perfection, but we will never get it. We wait around for something better without taking any action with what we have. It wastes our time and energy.

7. Multitasking. We’ve all heard the benefits and read books on how to do it, but often times it actually makes us less efficient and more distracted from what we really need to focus on. We try to do too many things and handle every detail at the same time when we need to relax and prioritize what needs to get done first.

8. The need to control everything will have you crying when everything falls out of control. We can’t control everything. Sometimes we need to delegate and let others use their own strengths to help the projects. Sometimes we need to let go of trying to control people and let them out of the box we’ve created for them. Letting go of control can be healthy and necessary to move forward in your career and relationships.

9. Saying yes to things that do not support our goals. We only have so much time every day, and so many days in our finite years. The more we say yes to things out of obligation, peer pressure or fear, the less time we have to spend on the things we really want and need to do. It can be helpful to review your activities and see which ones are really helping get you where you want to go and which ones are a waste of time.

10. Toxic people will quickly discourage you from pursuing your goals. Too much time spent with negative people could potentially keep you from making positive changes in your life. Know who those people are in your life and take measures to limit the time you have with them.

11. The need to be liked. Not everyone will like us as we are growing and making good changes. Our success in certain areas may mean that others will dislike us even more. When our positive changes reveal someone else’s poor habits or mindsets, there is bound to be some friction. Give up needing the approval of others in order to do what you need to do.

12. Wasting time. Time is the resource we all have but seem to always need more of. It is essential as we are striving for success in different areas to be careful how we spend our time and who we spend it with. Make the most of your moments and consider each one an investment in your future.

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